The Pazziolis

Competition Escape Game. The Pazzioli’s are a Mafia family that have been feuding for years. Nonna & her Cousin Vinny have been at odds and it’s reached it’s climax. The Grandfather, Padrino Pazzioli has had enough. You and your team must pick a side and compete in order to reunite the family. The Winners will take control of the family and lead the future generations of Mafiosos to protect “this thing of ours”.

*Note this game has a 2 player minimum & can accommodate up to 16 players split into different teams/rooms.

Pazziolis can be played single style in Nonna’s Pasta Shop or Cousin Vinny’s Meat Store with 2-5 players. It can also be played competition style if you have 6 players or more.



2 players $45 per player
3 players or more $35 per player